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About Us


The idea for "Jerk Shirts" came from my dear friend Jeff, who affectionately refers to me as "Jerk Face." It is a nickname I own. A badge I wear with pride.

I had a rough start. Parents who had no business having kids, extreme poverty. Ill fitting hand-me-down clothes, embarrassingly loud and old cars that backfired when I was getting dropped off at school. don't even get me started on my last name...Wigglesworth. Kids are cruel, and my self esteem was almost non-existent.

Then one day I learned a new language. Sarcasm. As the ever so wise Madea tells the judge, "you gotta get them before you get got." If kids wanted to make fun of me for things I had no control over, well, you better sit down baby because I am about to read, write, and erase you.

As an adult, people aren't typically as cruel. If they are, they aren't as vocal about it. When I grew up, "talk shit get hit" was the law of the land. Some things have progressed, in general most people now believe hitting people isn't okay. But sometimes still, "you gotta get them before you get got."

After all these years of practicing my second language, I thought "what better way to keep practicing than to share my words of wisdom." And here we are. I hope you enjoy and take these in the spirit they are meant.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where PEOPLE learn to mind their own business and let people be people. We want to de-stigmatize words that have power by using them and taking that power away. If you can take away the shock value of a word, it loses its power. Humor is one way to do that.

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